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Post Production Sound Studios

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With a strong commitment to film tradition, obsession with technical innovation, and an unrelenting need to achieve creative bliss, we do the sound design, editorial, and mixing for feature films, television, and every other type of media you can think of. We have facilities in Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and Santa Clarita.

Our Works

King soundworks FEATURED ON THIS IS L.A

Partnership with Jam Post Studio

Efficient Workflow:

Our alliance facilitates smooth coordination between countries, allowing clients to access a comprehensive range of services through a single point of contact.

Tailored Solutions:

For productions shooting in Toronto, JAM Post can handle ADR recordings before the shoot wraps, ensuring seamless integration. Meanwhile, King Soundworks can accommodate LA-based actors who return after shooting.

Flexible Post-Production:

Whether post-production remains in Toronto or transitions to LA, our partnership with Jam Post Studio ensures continuity and high-quality results. King Soundworks can facilitate LA-based playbacks and reviews or perform sound post-production in Los Angeles as needed.

Cross-Border Mobility:

As the founders of King Soundworks are Canadian citizens, they have the flexibility for lead sound talent to travel across borders if required, offering additional versatility and convenience.