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Original Sound for Original Filmmakers

With a strong commitment to film tradition, obsession with technical innovation and an unrelenting need to achieve creative bliss; we do the sound design, editorial and mixing for feature films, television, and every other type of media you can think of. We have facilities in Burbank, Sherman Oaks and Santa Clarita.



If the Navy Seals were really cool sound guys that would be us. Our crew can do everything a sound person needs to do. Sound design, mix, field recording you name it. We've even been known to stealthily hide in dark swamps waiting for the right frog to come along and record. Sorta like a navy seal might do.


Get To Know Us

Founded in 1991, we cut our teeth doing television for legendary NYPD detective Sonny Grosso (Roy Scheider played him in The French Connection). We quickly segued into films with movies like The Santa Clause, Friday Night Lights, Hancock (Peter Berg) and Saving Mr. Banks (John Lee Hancock) We've worked with Michael Mann four times including The Insider which was Oscar nominated for Best Sound.  

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    Music Composition
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    Voice Recording
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    Sound Effect Design
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    Dialogue Editing
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