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COVID-19 Protocol


Per the Production Safety Guidelines dated January 27, 2023, the new agreement maintains the bedrock principals and practical approaches that have kept the industry working safely since shortly after the onset of the pandemic.  This extension maintains core protocols in case the current situation rapidly changes while permitting additional modifications reflecting improved conditions in most areas.

The new agreement has the following two specified modifications to Part II which are the protocols most productions are working under currently.  For Zones B & C pre-employet testing is no longer required.  Additionally, weekly testing is no longer required for employees in Zone B, however, if an employee in Zone B (or C) has come into “close contact” with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, the Producer is required to make a COVID-19 test available to the employee upon the employee’s request. 
In addition, the agreement grants a bank of five additional sick days and no longer requires the COVID Compliance Supervisor to be physical present on the production / facility provided that a member of the compliance team is accessible at all times during working hours.
Other than these modifications, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.  In all cases the full set of stricter protocols will be reintroduced if there is a COVID-19 surge.