Gregory King 2

Laird Fryer


I don’t think I ever chose a life of audio as much as it chose me. I started playing drums when I was in diapers so I was doomed from the start. Eventually, that would lead me to a Louis Armstrong Award and a year playing on Vans Warped Tour in 2005 where I realized the touring life was a bit too glamorous for me. My then 21-year-old self decided to uproot my life from humble Sebastopol, CA and move to Los Angeles with $500 to my name and a dream. After a modest education in recording and a 2-year stint in the music industry where I landed several placements on networks such as CBS, ABC, and VH1, I discovered that I could not survive on Top Ramen alone and would need to take my skill set somewhere I could thrive. I promptly enrolled in the school of hard knocks and hit the streets. After a very wild ride, I found myself  at King SoundWorks and haven’t looked back since.

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