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Post-Production Sound Services

We have awesome stages, but what really sets us apart is our crew. Most of our sound editors are re-recording mixers and most of our re-recording mixers are sound editors. This results in a very efficient and seamless creative process. It also means our crew is very involved with your project with a hand in every stage of the post sound process.

Post-Production Sound Editing and Design

Sound editing is where all the cool things happen. We do dialogue, sound effects, sound design and ADR editing. Along with our comprehensive sound services, including re-recording and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) to ensure you are completely thrilled with the final product.

ADR Recording

Sometimes things don't get recorded on set as well as hoped, or additional lines of dialogue are required for the scene. This is where ADR recording is needed. Our ADR facilities also follow the most thorough COVID practices available. With separate isolation rooms and obsessive cleaning practices you can rest assured that talent and crew will remain safe.


Our ADR recording in Los Angeles offers fiber connectivity so that you have an instant connection with the outside world for quick data exchanges. There are also state of the art consoles and Pro Tools technology on the newest Mac Pros. Our equipment has been carefully selected to streamline the recording and editing process to produce only the highest quality sound recording, mixing, and editing.


We also have two Los Angeles studio spaces dedicated to ADR, which suit all projects that require principal ADR, VO, and loop group.

Foley Studio

Our full-stocked and inventive Foley studio space in Los Angeles will bring any sound to life — real or imaginary. Our highly trained crew will work with you to achieve the exact sound and experience you are looking for.

Comprehensive Services Offered

We offer complete sound post production services in Los Angeles, we also have strong partnerships with the top post sound facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, we can help out there if you need it. Contact us today to hear more about the services we offer:

Music Composition

We have our own composer who can write original music for every type of project imaginable, we also have strong relationships with composers in Los Angeles, Berlin and other far flung corners of the world.

Sound Design

There is almost no sound our sound design team has not tried to design. We also have an extensive library of original sounds. In fact, Gregory King is the co-founder of Sounddogs.com which is the largest sound effects library in the world.

Sound Supervision

The Supervising Sound Editor is the team leader on any project, here at King Soundworks they are typically also a Sound Designer and Re-Recording mixer by trade. The best way to describe the roll of the Supervising Sound Editor is they are like the Cinematographer, but for sound rather than images. They translate the director's thoughts and desires into practical application to tell the story. Here at King Soundworks the Supervising Sound Editor is very often one of the Re-Recording Mixers keeping the creative conversation smooth and streamlined

Complete Sound Packages

We do entire sound packages for television, streaming, feature films and all related media. With facilities in Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Clarita and partners in Toronto and Vancouver. We can facilitate any project.